Mariya Nicole is 39 years old Photographer, Videographer and Producer of Art, with over 17 years of international experience. From projects in New York to Paris, London and Kiev - Mariya's home city. Her works have appeared in the world of Fashion Magazines (L'Officiel, Vogue, to name a few), Galleries and on the walls of those with a special vision for high-end and meaningful creative. This level of commitment to a profession and its development has created a focus on finding emotions, color and beauty in all subjects she points a lens. These images capture an essence of a subject matter, passing deep within its soul. Elegance and truth in people are what rise, places are elements one can only dream.

Mariya brings beauty to all that she sees, a skill crafted over a decade of work and professional application. Fashion, Events and Lifestyle projects are her subject. Delivering work in Print, Video and Online Media is her specialty.

Mariya is currently taking a position of Director of Photography at PLITZS New York Fashion Week and Director of Digital content at Johnson Edman Advertising, INC as well as creating social media content for DKNY.

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